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"An impressive triumph of craft... a feat

that rises to the challenge of budgetary limitations

to create something undeniably new and unique."


"An ingenious micro-film... a master class in making something deft & eloquent out of nothing."

The Village Voice

"Vibrant and audacious... Fernando Andrés and Tyler Rugh have made an amazing film about modern relationships that is bold, refreshing and exciting."

David Lowery

director of A Ghost Story, The Green Knight

"One of the most exciting indie debuts in some time.

An unforgettable and hypnotic sensory feast."

Lost in the Reel

"A one-of-a-kind work of pure cinema."

Hollywood Chicago

"Hypnotically beautiful and undeniably crafted. The work of a real fucking talent."

Jim Cummings

director of Thunder Road, The Beta Test

"Stunning and poetic...

reminiscent of early Malick."

No Assembly Required

"An ambitious drama [and] an undeniably unique work that makes one curious to see what the filmmakers will do next."

"A stylish and sexy film that's full of emotion."

Gay City News

"Mesmerizing. A unique and fascinating study of love, fulfillment, fear, insecurity and communication."

Edge Media

"Unbelievably gorgeous... announces a dominant new voice in indie filmmaking."

Where's The Remote?

"A story told in movement and body language

set to an extraordinary soundtrack."

Film Threat

"Andrés & Rugh exhibit masterful control over every detail of this film with its expertly crafted screenplay to its sound design and lyrical score."

The Hollywood Times

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